Authors keep all rights to their works, whether publishing, performance (movie and TV) or other subsidiary rights.

And unlike some other publishing service companies, Allined Books' authors can choose the option to receive 100% of the net royalties

from books sold.

Rights & Royalties

Allined Books offers a comprehensive menu of services that cover the important phases and needs in the publishing process. The services can be purchased individually or Allined Books will work with authors to develop a packaged set that meets a budget.  


Allined Books pricing and fees are competitive with other companies offering author publishing services. We offer individual service pricing or bundle the services

into a package cost that meets

an author's budget.

But there's a difference with Allined Books, and that's the personal service our clients receive. One-on-one telephone consultation and assistance, timely response to email questions and personal support from the Allined Books team are the hallmark of our service.

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