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Author and Allined Books Co-Owner signs DARK TRANSFERENCE

Do you remember that first moment when you said, “I want to write a book?” Now here you are, with your idea put to words, into a manuscript that you want to share with friends, family and the public. What’s the next step?

Do you send your queries to literary agents to seek representation? That’s a great way to go if your book has the appeal for a large audience or a specific, targeted audience. That’s a great place to start for many authors and through our affiliate, Collage Literary, we offer literary agency services to selected authors. 

Some authors, however, choose to publish their book independently, taking the self-published or supported-published route. There are benefits to use these methods. The time it takes to get your manuscript into a printed and bound book – or an e-book – is much faster than if a traditional publisher was handling it. The latter’s process can often take several years. There’s another benefit: More control over the editorial content. Traditional publishers, for the most part, want to produce books with content that appeals to a large or wide audience. That makes sense when the first print run of books must be in the thousands in order for the publisher to recoup the money they have spent.


Laurie L. Hawkins and Anita Intenzo are the principals of Allined Books. Laurie is a literary agent for numerous clients, representing them with major, traditional publishers. In 2010, Anita Intenzo approached Laurie seeking literary representation for her first book, Estate of Horror, and Laurie accepted the challenge. Despite best efforts, and even though the book is well written and has a compelling story, Laurie was unable to sell Anita’s book to one of the big publishers. Both Anita and Laurie felt that it was a fascinating story that had a place on bookshelves, so together they worked to have it published independently. Estate of Horror continues to sell well, in both print and e-book formats. Anita’s story was even featured on the episode, “Portal of Doom,” of the TV show, A Haunting.  Allined Books has now proudly published Anita’s second book, Dark Transference, the sequel to Estate of Horror.

Now, each woman brings the experience gained as entrepreneurs for over 30 years to the clients of Allined Books. Anita is a classically trained artist and as the owner of
Past Images by Anita provides art, photo and doll restoration to preserve treasures from earlier days. Anita will oversee the graphic services for Allined Books’ clients, including cover design, creation of marketing materials and advertising. Laurie is an attorney and marketing specialist and as owner of Hawkins + Company and Collage Literary has helped clients in entertainment, sports, small business and nonprofit organizations to develop and implement marketing and public affairs campaigns to achieve revenue and profit goals. Laurie will oversee the writing, editing, promotional and publicity services for Allined Books’ clients. Together, Anita and Laurie - and an extended team of writers, designers and PR professionals - will ensure that book production services are managed successfully.